Le Cottage Garden

Marl-le-Roi, France
DGJ Landscapes
7bis Grande Rue, 78160 Marl-le-Roi, France
Le Cottage

Our first realised garden in France is a direct commission for British Tea Room and Restaurant „Le Cottage“ on 7bis Grande Rue. Our new neighbour 100m up from the DGJ Paysages studio in Marly-le-Roi asked us to redesign the planting of his “jardin-terasse”. Our Horticulture Specialist Bas Koppers conserved most surviving plants of the aged garden and replanted about five dozen new ones in great variety. The concept of a British Cottage Garden combines perennials and shrubs with a great variety of leave forms and flowering periods adopted to the mostly half-shadow existing beds. Trellis where replaced and pots added or renewed enhancing the original relaxed atmosphere. In good continental practice of Dutch Larenstein school we plant only species that we know. As the garden restaurant season was already starting during design Daniel Jauslin and Bas Koppers decided to accelerate the process by planting the garden and fixing some lighter montage work in a long shift.
With only six weeks from measuring through design development and delivery our first project in France also got realized in Chinese speed. Much smaller for sure but also much more affordable and faster than Louis XIV private retreat garden down the road.
With a British Concept, Dutch Craftsmanship and a touch of French “laisser-pousser” this little project of ours is a truly international affair - warmly recommend for lunch (expect Monday) and we hear the Sunday brunch “mérite un voyage”.

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