St. Fiden-Heiligkreuz

St.Gallen, Suíça
Visualization © KCAP
Visualization © KCAP
Drawing © KCAP
Drawing © KCAP
Drawing © KCAP
KCAP Zürich
St.Gallen, Suíça
Stadt St. Gallen
Masterplan with 290.700 m2 for living, working, retail and public infrastructure
Participating parties
SIMA l BREER Landschaftsarchitektur, stadtraumverkehr Birchler+Wicki

The integral vision on the future of the entire St. Fiden-Heiligkreuz area focusses on long-term spatial planning, mobility concepts and functional development opportunities. The aim of the inner development throughout the entire area is a densification strategy and a simultaneous strengthening of the quality of life through a distinctive, diverse city district with a new lively city center.

The plan focusses on three core areas: Bach-St. Fiden, the area of ​​today‘s workshop and the Heiligkreuz district, which are located within the two existing city axes St. Jakobstrasse and Langgasse. An integral part of the future image of St. Fiden-Heiligkreuz is the development of a mobility concept that ensures the expected traffic flows for the core areas and enables a significant center function at St. Fiden station.

With the open-space and landscape concept and an additional pedestrian bridge over the track field, the cross-references and connections existing today are strengthened and integrated into the layout of the new city center through strategic use of the available space and potential of Gerhalden and Tanneichbach.

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